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The Original Founders Of TimJan

Hendrik Pollard

Tim Pollard

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The Traditional TimJan

Traditional Wonder Juice story

TimJan has a long traditional family story which starts in 1960’s, with Hendrik Jacobus Pollard, the grandfather of the owner of the Traditional TimJan “Wonder Juice”. TimJan was found and manufactured in Springbok as a traditional cure for basic problems under Hendriks friends which included high blood pressure, prevention of kidney stones, arteries, sinus and to assist the cleaning of blood and the digestive system. Hendrik which at this stage has been a director in the transport industry, took up a position as a bank manager at Springbok, who was then promoted to a bigger branch in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape in the 1970.

With the move to Humansdorp, Hendrik still worked in the bank for a while where after he bought the Haskings Bottle Store as one of the very first licensed bottle stores in South Africa which did not require to have a hotel to sell alcohol to the public. Hendrik as an experienced businessman recognised this as a real opportunity to commercialise his traditional “Wonder Juice” due to the legislation of those days as the Wonder Juice had an alcohol base. As soon as the “Wonder Juice “ was commercialised and could be sold out of the Bottle Store the rumour of this special “Wonder Juice” knocked on just about everybody’s doors, as rumours of the remedy spread through the small town of Humansdorp.

Due to the demand and continues growth Hendrik Pollard’s son, Tim Pollard jointed his dad to assist and manage the family business In 1974. The business kept on growing and the “Wonder Juice” grew from strength to strength.

In 1986, “Oupa Pollie”, Hendrik Pollard passed on. With this the business transferred from the founder to the founder’s son, Tim Pollard. As the business kept on growing and Tim being on his own Tim required support and assistance in the business and approached his friend Jan van Wyngaard who was working at the bottling plant in the Western Cape to assist him (Tim) in the manufacturing and distribution of the “Wonder Juice”.

With this Tim shared the “Wonder Juice” recipe with Jan and rebranded the product to “TimJan Wonder Juice”. They then together bottled, labelled and distributed the traditional “Wonder Juice” as “TimJan Wonder Juice”.

In 2003, Hein Jaco Pollard joined his dad in the business. Jaco was in charge of the production of the “Timjan Wonder Juice” which is still manufactured in the original location of Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape.

In 2006, Tim Pollard sadly passed on and Jaco and his sister Lana inhered the family trust, with Jaco appointed by his late father as the manager of the “Timjan Wonder Juice”.

Jaco, continued to run and expand on the “TimJan Wonder Juice” and developed new products which included Timjan Moisturiser and TimJan Capsules.

Our Pharmacist

TimJan has contracted the services of a postgraduate qualified pharmacist for the purposes of formulating new products for the brand. Our new formulations partner with 20 plus years of experience in the field of natural medicine formulation and a special interest in the indigenous Aloe ferox species, gives us confidence that our new range of products are of the highest quality and efficacy. Having established a number of successful products on the local market, our new partner brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the TimJan brand.