TimJan, The Traditional and Original Wonderjuice from South Africa

Under the warm, sunny blue skies of Southern Africa grows a plant with amazing health benefits…  The Aloe Ferox has a highly effective extract that is gently used for the range of TimJan products like the TimJan Juice that is rightly referred to as the Wonderjuice in South Africa.

With a history dating back to early 1960, this Wonderjuice is proudly manufactured and bottled in South Africa by using only a 100% natural, organic raw materials. This unique herbal tonic can help with a range of health problems and in the last several year’s, research discovered all the fantastic applications TimJan Wonderjuice has for our health.

Made from pure Aloe Ferox juice and a natural preservative in the form of fermented grape juice provides the TimJan Wonderjuice with over 75 different nutrients that include; vitamins C, E, A and B12, minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, chrome, calcium, natrium, calcium and iron. It also contains twenty amino acids, various carbohydrates, enzymes, plant steroids and anti-inflammatory agents. Aloe Ferox is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects on the body.

Testimonial From Albert

Hello. My name is Albert. I started using your product last year from October and i can safely say it has assisted me a lot especially in bed.My wife no longer complains.And I’m sleeping very peacefully.Any side effects or interactions with other medications. I’m taking high blood pills and i no longer hear the headaches i used to hear.

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TimJan can be used to assist in the treatment of the following Ailments:

Constipation and diarrhoea
High blood pressure and heart problems
Prevention of kidney stones
Arthritis, rheumatism and gout
Sports injuries and stiffness.

Stomach upsets and ulcers
Promotes healthy digestion & Cleansing the intestines
Stress and depression
Calming properties
Headaches & Insomnia

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